Unlocking the value of your property

Unlocking the value of your property

Zimbabwean real estate has proved to be a solid investment through the highs and lows and remains a firm investment that appreciates in value.


We have at times found that Sellers stick firmly to their asking price and Buyers typically insist on a lower price resulting in protracted negotiations.


How then can you find a middle ground where everyone walks away happy?


Well at Kennan Properties we endeavour to safeguard the interests of both the Seller and the Buyer in any given transaction.


As such below are some of the factors to consider when aiming to unlock the value of your property to the fullest.


To begin with we believe that it is important to understand the nature of improvements or lack thereof which will either increase the value of your property or do nothing towards the addition of value.


A great start would be to seek the advice of an experienced Agent (Hello J) with a good grasp of market trends to advise on whether it is necessary to carry out any improvements.


For instance while upgrading a dated kitchen or bathroom to replace it with lovely modern fittings and finishing may beautify the property and appeal to both the Seller and the Buyer, however this may not save the Seller from being liable for a lesser amount of capital gains tax.


On the other hand where a Seller is fortunate to have a good borehole, it might be worth considering placing the property on the market in the dry season with a well-watered, lush garden which will be refreshing for a Buyer. A functional swimming pool that sparkles also catches the eye of Buyer.


We also find that constant maintenance of fixtures and fittings by an owner of a property also assists towards the unlocking of value of a property as opposed to rushing and repairing the same when it is then decided to put the property on the market.


In some instances properties may be sold with itemised treasures included such as those which complement the aesthetics of a property. These may include paintings, ornaments, figurines and furniture. And so in our world we find it is always good to think through what else can be included in the sale of the property and matching the same to the taste of the Buyer.


  • From a Buyer’s perspective we at Kennan Properties also endeavor to carry out thorough due diligence processes with the assistance of our panel of well reputed property lawyers so as to ascertain any third party interests in and over the property. This is done so as to define the costs associated with acquiring a property


  • Buying or selling property need not be a stressful process and we here at Kennan Properties are here to assist in successful transfers of your property.


We will be running a series of helpful tips going forward and among these will be development of properties, watch the space.

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