Reduce, re-use or re-cycle

Reduce, re-use or re-cycle

Kennan Properties have always been passionate about extending our community service to saving the environment

In this regard, our branded bins are placed all around the city and emptied by the Kennan Truck once a week. All refuse collected is re-cycled if possible.

In addition to this, for those in the community also passionate about re-cycling, we have a cage at the Pomona Food Market.  Please bag or box your cans, paper, plastic and cans responsibly for easy removal to the re-cycle yard run by Helen Davidson.

More recently Kennan Properties offices now have the re-cycle bins for convenient use by staff.

Promotional gifts that Kennan agents now have to give to clients are our new cooler bags and cloth bags which are ideal to take shopping and help us all to say NO to plastic!!

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