Meet Brenda Cohen

Meet Brenda Cohen

Brenda first joined Kennan Properties Chisipite Branch in October 2003 and over the last 19 years has always been one of the top 10 agents,  most recently, the top agent for 2022. We asked her to answer a few key questions based on Proust’s original questionnaire but adapted for Estate Agents to tell us more about herself and her secret to success…

What is Brenda’s Motto in life? 

God Family Work ….

What would you say are the qualities you admire in a seller?

Sellers who have a positive goal in the sale of their property in the current market.

For the uncertain sellers, an open mind in considering all options, to arrive at the best solution for them in their current situation. I don’t always believe that selling their property is the right answer.

I admire and respect the elderly Sellers who manage to deal with all the stresses and trauma of letting go and selling their home filled with their precious memories all on their own. I admire their strength of character to select only the essential treasures as they journey into a new season of life.

The lessons taught by investors on the way forward when times present new obstacles and opportunities.

What Qualities do you admire in buyers?

Honesty is so important. Lying to be polite to the sellers sends misleading signals to folk who are passionate and emotionally attached to their properties. There is always something to be positive about in a property, whilst at the same time giving the seller an honest opinion if the property is not what they are looking for. 

What would Brenda consider to be her strengths? 

The Joy of the Lord is my strength, along with a love for meeting new people from all walks of life and being able to assist with either selling or purchasing of properties. The pleasure I get from working and being constantly surprised by how God’s provision of properties for me to sell along with folk who inspire me, and in return being an encouragement to others . The ability to turn an obstacles into an opportunities. 

We asked Brenda to talk about her most heartwarming sales? 

There have been so many through my journey of selling properties and the wonderful people I’ve met and really enjoy seeing the delight in a buyer finding ‘their’ property whilst the Sellers are delighted with their purchaser who will continue to build happy memories into the home. 

Comments from existing client’s 

I emailed some clients and these are their words …

“I would be happy to refer you to anyone who is interested in buying or selling a house as you worked extremely hard to find a buyer for my previous house and likewise found and advised me on the purchase of my new home. “

“Last year was a particularly difficult year for me, where it felt like the ‘world was at war with me’. Brenda Cohen was like a shining beacon that stood strong and true, and for once (in a very lonely space) I felt like someone was backing my corner, and where I could lean on someone who cared. There is not enough that I can say that will do justice to the appreciation I feel for Brenda’s kindness, professional assistance, emotional support, humour in dark times, and above all, the feeling that I could hand over the sale of my property to her with complete trust, knowing that she was totally knowledgeable and capable, and dedicated into getting the best possible sale that would be able to help me out of my precarious predicament. Brenda, time and again, went beyond the call of duty to ensure that the sale of the property went through without any hitches, to the extent of even being in constant contact with the Executors handling the property, and ensuring that my interests were met. What Brenda did, aside from her total integrity, true professionalism and enormous grace, was to be a tower of strength and hope for someone in a very dark place. I needed someone to help, guide me and handle the timeous sale of the property in order that I could then purchase the property in Harare where I was living before my offer deadline expired. We squeaked through the door with two days grace – only thanks to Brenda’s gently persuasive and tenacious personality. No words can describe the gratitude I feel for absolutely all the help that Brenda gave me. I know too that should I wish to sell or buy any further property, Brenda will be my first port of call. Brenda, and Kennan Properties, thank you for all that you did and the professional and courteous service you offer. I am deeply grateful. …..... Never ask for a one-liner!...

Finally we asked Brenda what makes her happy? 

To journey through life keeping my focus on what really matters, while loving my work that allows our families to always enjoy the excitement of working towards our next adventure. 

Knowing that my faith and hope in God helps me understand what is best for sellers and buyers and to go the extra mile to ensure their experience with Kennan is a professional one that their highest compliment would be to refer me to others. 

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