Meet Bridget Biddy Railton

Meet Bridget Biddy Railton

TOP AGENT at Kennan Properties nine times over the last twenty two years and most recently top agent for 2020, Biddy first joined Kennan Properties in March 1999 and being one of the top agents, we asked her to answer a few key and telling questions based on Proust’s original questionnaire but adapted for Estate Agents to tell us more about herself and her secret to success...

What is Biddy’s motto in life?

Everyone deserves respect, be they road sweepers, dustmen, toilet cleaners or tea ladies we are all born into this same big world and we shall leave it in much the same way. People don’t particularly choose to have the jobs they pursue but we need them all in a smooth running community and what a joy to find people in what may be lowly positions with a smiling face and a good word to say. 

What would you say are your best qualities in a seller? 

I love people. Firstly I was a teacher and that helps me to understand where people are coming from. It makes me sensitive to who they are and what they want rather than what I want! Although of course I set out to sell every property I am mandated to sell at the best possible price, this doesn’t always happen. My greatest reward when I am selling a property is not necessarily the commission but rather the approval of my Sellers. When another agency brings them a good offer and they hesitate to take it because they want me to sell the property..........then I know that even though I haven’t made the sale I have another satisfied customer. Satisfied with the service I gave them which hopefully will lead to referrals. 

What TWO words would Biddy choose to describe her favourite qualities in a buyer?

My favourite qualities, in a buyer of course, are honesty and loyalty

What would Biddy consider to be her best strengths as a top agent? 

Being a teacher I’m not afraid of hard work and I am blessed with a positive outlook!!

We asked Biddy to talk about her most heart-warming sale.

I’m always delighted when a sale goes well. I really don’t mind whether I’m mandated to sell a cottage in Braeside or a mansion on Folyjon Crest. As long as I have a sole mandate and a serious Seller I will give it all I’ve got. I’m actually often quite sad when a sale is concluded as I have met such lovely people through selling houses and I enjoy sharing “the journey” with them. 

And finally... we asked Biddy what makes her happy. 

Knowing that God is always there to carry me through the tough times and rejoice with me in the good times; my husband who has been there for almost as long and for my precious children, granddaughter, sisters and family. Family times are always the best! 


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