New Industrial Area Growing In Northern Harare

New Industrial Area Growing In Northern Harare

There is a new light industrial suburb planned for Harare within easy access of the Northern, Eastern and Western suburbs. 

This new development will be a huge advantage for people seeking employment closer to home and also for more easy access for the residents of the nearby suburbs. 

Speaking about the new development, Mr Patrick Kennan of Kennan Properties says “ none of the land earmarked for this industry is suitable as a residential area because of it’s close proximity to a busy main road, the Pomona quarry and the city dump. For these reasons, the re-zoning of this area to a light industrial use is particularly appropriate, making good use of land that would otherwise lie unused.” 

Some industrial properties already exist on Harare Drive and some very significant buildings have already been erected. These are situated not far from the Alpes Rd intersection and adjacent to the are currently being used for the growing of instant lawns. 

In addition to this : 

  1. A 1.73 hectare site on the North/West corner of Harare Drive and Alpes Rd has been re-zoned for light industrial purposes and sold by Kennan Properties for further development. 
  2. On the North/East corner a 10 hectare site has been sub divided into 29 light industrial stands. The majority of the stands here have already been sold by Kennan Properties and internal roads and water reticulation networks are in the process of being installed. 
  3. On land nearby but a little further up Alps Road, a further block of land is being sub-divided into 51 stands, again for light industrial purposes. The sales campaign for these stands is also being handled by Kennan Properties and will be launched later this year 

“Demand for the stands has been high”, says Patrick Kennan " and this has been clearly driven by the convenient location. 

The majority of Harare’s industrial sites are to the South of the city and so easy access to these sites from Northern, Eastern and Western suburbs is difficult especially nowadays with more and more cars on our roads”