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The long-term vision of Kennan Properties is to remain as a successful and respected company in the Real Estate business in Zimbabwe with the emphasis on being a wholly owned family business committed to serving Zimbabweans and remaining committed to the Zimbabwean community.       

Their Mission is to provide a professional and trained sales team to give outstanding service in the evaluation, marketing and either sale or rental of commercial, industrial, residential property in Zimbabwe.

 The Business objective of the management team is to create a working environment in which employees feel comfortable and confident to fulfil their roles and where there is a sense of comradery amongst the staff. In this regard, Managing Director, Patrick Kennan says that his staff prefer to work flexible hours, the employees of the company tend to be capable men and women who may also have family commitments and are therefore more suited to this work environment. Kennan Properties have found that women in particular with good interactive skills and communicative skills are found to be very capable in this role. Motivation of the staff is maintained through commission incentives and an annual “Awards Ceremony” in which the top 10 agents are generously rewarded for their achievements during the year.   Patrick Kennan likes to feel that the company is not too large to make every member of staff feel as though they belong and have a stake in the overall success of Kennan Properties.

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Our Services

Buying & Selling

Selling or Buying a property - is a big decision that requires a great deal of thought and planning. Kennan Properties' professional agents will guide you through the process of buying or selling your property


Kennan Properties have both commercial and residential letting departments. They will help you find either the ideal tenant for your property or a property best suited to you as a tenant.

Property Management

Our residential and commercials departments will manage your property efficiently


Kennan properties experienced agents can provide a market appraisal to estimate a fair selling price of your property on the open market.