Congratulations to the 10 top negotiators of Kennan Properties who were awarded for

their achievements at the Annual Awards Dinner held on 18th February 2015. The top

negotiator for 2014 was Brenda Cohen of the Chisipite Branch followed by Louvina and

Bridget of Central Ave. A fun evening was had by all!


Our Colleague Brenda...


Brenda, Brenda

Has her own agenda!

She plies us with all her bumf

To the point where we all get the humf!!


Now when we ask to view,

Oh Boy… there is always some to-do!

She plays around with the price

Not as per her sellers advice!!


Now just ask Jane …she says Brenda’s a pain

Gives her all her work

with no financial perk!


Star our new high flyer

Gets firmly on the wire,

when Brenda demands to know,

Who is your buyer??


Even Kim has lost her rag,

Calling her a stroppy old bag!


Lucille and Lucy are still too new

To really have a point of view.


Oh then there’s poor little Liz

Trying her best at reception

Brenda gets her in a real right tiz

giving her orders with no affection


We do feel sorry for Arlene and the legals,

Brenda watches over them with the eyes of eagles

Then takes over and does it herself

Leaving them high and dry on the shelf.


William, her computer man

Spends as much time in the office as he can

Free coffee, free internet for dear ol Will

But poor Cindy when she gets the bill!


But having said that…

Well done  Brenda… for coming first

Even though your methods are widely cursed!